thank you tyler. you are so sweet and handsome. 

and i love your grumpy face

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So met him again this weekend, so many pose with him, we decided on this one and I truly love it with all my heart. This man is truly and inspiration and I’m.so glad that I have met him many times

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Now you can be a Runner too! Play the mobile game for The Maze Runner and experience the Maze in a new way! Download it here: http://ppok.me/mr


Sherlock/John commission for Skuld


Sherlock/John commission for Skuld

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Sherlock, it’s not the same a solving a murder.

I know John, it’s much more simple, sit down and hold still.

_φ( ̄ー ̄ )

angiefsutton said ((7 months ago)): Oh, you know what *I*’m going to ask: Steampunk Sherlock/John, baby. ;-)

Wow!  I’m also getting PatternofDefiance’s augmented!John vibes from this.  If you haven’t read it, try her outstanding sci-fi AU fic series STATIC.

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A wonderful Russian-Morocco-British story) (2010)

PS (from comments)

Dear Konstantine,

Thank you for your lovely email. It is raining a lot here in London too! As for not knowing who i am… There is nothing to apologise for! I am flattered that some of your colleges do and being an actor Moscow and Russian arts and artists hold a huge place in my heart and it is one of my strongest wishes to be able one day to travel there and visit or ideally work both in Moscow and St Petesburg. I hope you and your family and girlfriend are well and now it is my turn to be embarrassed as I can’t remember her name but thank her for the photos. They make me laugh and will stop me romanticising the experience of learning to kite surf! It was lovely to meet you and I’ll try and dip into Facebook now and then but especially to confirm you as a friend. Many thanks buddy, yours Benedict x

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I get really turned on when he does the button thing.

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Happy birthday, Cat!!

(I was unsure what to do initially but then I remembered sleeves.)

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Serval kitten with mom (by Tambako the Jaguar)


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Siberian tigress on the back (by Tambako the Jaguar)


'What's your favourite line from Moriarty?'

is that a british army browning l9a1 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

( x )

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-Stiles…I never remembered giving you permission to house an accused murderer.

-…If it’s any consolation, I never meant for you to realize that you were in fact housing an accused murderer. 


-Okay so you’re not really housing him, he’s just spending the night. One of many nights.

-You’re grounded.

-Can’t I even explai-

-I think I get the idea, son. Now get up, get dressed, and Derek?

-Yes sir.

-You’re staying for breakfast…and we’re going out, and I’m going to get the biggest, most buttery stack of pancakes, as well as eggs, sausage, and biscuits. You’re paying.




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Red Pants Wallpaper Tile Pattern

About time I make a contribution for the 'Red Pants' thing. It’s still my second attempt on making patterns so I’m not that sure if it’s seamless. 

Feel free to message me if you want to use it for your blog or whatever. I would most likely say yes.

Just ask permission, credit me to it and don’t alter anything  :)

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